4 comfortable winter boots for bunions


Bunions take all the fun out of buying new Shoes or boots. They’re big fat killjoys and just don’t care that winter is coming, they’re not going to shrink. Bunions put up with your sandals, sneakers, and cute little Mary Janes all summer through fall, but they emphatically refuse to be put in boots.

I’m not promising miracles here folks, but maybe you can sweet talk the winter-hating, closed-toe-hating bunion into just trying one of these boots. They might surprise you and settle in for a long winter nap in one of these roomy toe-worthy wonders.

Nordstrom UggsNordstrom Uggs

1. Ugg Classic Boots: I don’t tout Ugg boots for good support, however I can’t think of a softer, more forgiving boot when it comes to bunions or hammertoes. And if you add a pair of Lynco sheepskin arch supports, you have almost a perfect boot. Spray them with Ugg Stain and Water Repellent (or the cheaper Kiwi Suede Protector) to keep them in tip-top condition. Nordstrom has the best selection of Ugg Classics, from low to high, neutral, bright and bling, from buttons to bows. $135-200 at with free shipping and returns.

Clark's WaveClark's Wave

2. Clark’s Wave.Shelter: If you’re a fan of Clark’s Wave line of super-comfortable Shoes, you’ll love their winter boot, Wave.Shelter, or the new lace-up Wave.Cabin. There’s not only room for bunions, but also a nice thick pair of SmARTwools or other toasty socks. All Wave Shoes and boots feature a removable Ortholite insole and rockered outsole to propel the foot forward, relieving pressure on the forefoot. $194 at, free shipping and returns. $149 at Amazon, free shipping and returns.

Baffin CharleeBaffin Charlee

3. Baffin Charlee – For bunions from Alaska and Canada. The Baffin boots offer great warmth and traction, plus a nice roomy toe box and good support. Whole sizes only. If you are between sizes and like a tighter fit, you might consider ordering less. Order above if you have wide feet or plan to wear thick socks. $154.99 at Zappos, $155 at REI, $116 at Amazon.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 6.46.17 AMScreen Shot 2013-11-27 at 6.46.17 AM


4. Propet Telluride: I think this style is going to go away as Propet introduces new models to their collection, which means you can get a great deal now. The Telluride gets high marks from customers online for support, warmth, and room for toes. The insole is removable to accommodate orthotics. Available infive widthsfrom 2A to 4E! $97.95 at Shoebuy with special offers, $84.97 at, special offers at Amazon and limited sizes at for $44.99.

Do you have a favorite winter boot that keeps your feet warm while accommodating bunions? Leave us a comMent here or on our Facebook page.