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If we had to pick our most iconic Mukluk (not an easy task)—the Metis might just be it. From its careful construction and Suede-and-Fur exterior to its signature beadwork, the Metis is steeped in tradition.

Though many Indigenous peoples used flower motifs, the beaded floral pattern that adorns this beauty is a defining cultural symbol of the Metis—whom the Dakota Sioux and Cree called the “Flower Beadwork People.”

But can something so beautiful also be practical? Absolutely. With its supportive and flexible Vibram Tipi sole, sheepskin footbed, and sturdy FurLined exterior, the stunning Metis will carry you through winter in warmth and style.


The original winter boot is a mukluk and the original shoe is a moccasin. Designed 10,000 years ago to keep Indigenous people warm and allow them to thrive in the world’s coldest conditions. All our designs honour and continue the history of innovation, craftsmanship, and beauty.


Founded in 1997 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Métis entrepreneur Sean McCormick began Manitobah Mukluks with the vision to create a brand that could also benefit his community.As a young Métis entrepreneur, Sean McCormick began Manitobah Mukluks with the vision of creating a successful company while benefiting his community. Today we continue that vision on a larger scale, as a global brand making a positive impact in Indigenous communities across North America.

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