Cobb Hill Boots & Shoes (a preview of New Balance style!)


Cobb Hill DesignCobb Hill Design

New member of the New Balance family

When her podiatrist asks, “Where are your New Balances, young lady?” You say, “Right here, Dr,” while pointing to your new Cobb Hill boots (and knowingly winking at me). Cobb Hill is the newest member of the New Balance family of brands (joining big sister Aravon, which debuted a few years ago).

Removable Insoles and Multiple Widths

All Cobb Hill boots and Shoes have removable insoles to fit over orthotics, but the insole they come with is highly supportive for normal feet. Padded with built-in arch support, most Cobb Hill Shoes are Available in multiple widths.

The look, price and where to buy

It’s not like some New Balance tennis shoe designers got together and decided to come up with a new line, no sir. Bob Infantino, former president of Clark’s (eh-hem) joined the New Balance company to run its casual division, Drydock Footwear (Aravon, Dunham, and most recently Cobb Hill). While I can’t quote the man, I think Cobb Hill’s line from him is saying, “Hey girl, yeah, you in the skinny jeans with less than $100 in your wallet and foot problems. If you. You can’t afford Aravon and you wouldn’t want to anyway, they are too expensive for you. Choose me.

Burnished Leathers, embellishMents like buttons and buckles, details like ruching, walkable heels, flats, and gorgeous boots: this is the Cobb Hill collection. Casual Shoes range from $80 to $85, dress Shoes from $90 to $115, and boots from $125 to $190. Pictured below is my favourite, the Cobb Hill Shannon.

Cobb Hill boots and their entire line of footwear are Available at Zappos and Amazon.

Cobb hill shannonCobb hill shannon