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Yawn. Ten second graders were at my house Saturday night for my son’s birthday pARTy. Nine left at 8:30 and one stayed overnight. At 5:30 this morning I heard the final (and deafening) sound of lego boxes being rattled open, followed by a prolonged period of silence. Shake, tear, silence. Shake, tear, silence. This pattern was repeated until I lumbered into the living room at 7:30 to find five new lego creations assembled on the coffee table. I then had an hour to drink the obligatory cup of coffee and get ready to go to church. I still can’t believe I made it.

At 7:45 I was still in my husband’s flannel pants, an XL sweatshirt, and a severe case of bedside.Born allegra 3Born allegra 3Thankfully, my hair responded to the hot rollers, and my concealer did a good job of hiding the second-degree sleepover circles under my eyes. What tipped the morning in my favor was the box leaning against the wall. The one I had packed to ‘return to sender’.

I hated returning the beautiful teal Leather Born boots, but the last time I tried them on, my right foot would NOT fit. My left Foot? No problem. Since rheumatoid ARThritis destroyed the cARTilage in the Midfoot of my right foot, requiring surgery to fuse the bones together, I’ve had a hard time pointing my toes to slide them into the boots. See, the Born Allegra is a cowboy-inspired boot, so it doesn’t have a side zipper. I guess my feet were more swollen the night I tried them on (salted popcorn? tortilla chips?), because today my right foot decided to cooperate and the beautiful teal boots found their owner, without pulling on a shoehorn. like an ugly step -sister.

Mind you, the Born Allegra features a three-inch stacked heel, which means "church only" for me. No walking downtown, sidewalk shopping for me in these babies. But for those of you with fairly normal feet, I think you’ll really find them comfortable. The insole is quite cushioned and the toe box is perfect for a medium width foot. The sizes are actual.

The wardrobe possibilities are endless at Born Allegra: leggings and tunic, skinny jeans/bootcut jeans, high/low skirt with patterned tights. I chose teal to enhance the color of my many charcoal/black winter ensembles, but the color is so versatile that I can see myself wearing them for at least three out of four seasons.

The Born Allegra is Available at,,, and Zappos.

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