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Finally. A Tsubo shoe that even I can wear. Last December I featured these two stylish girls in their Tsubo heels and I was desperately wishing I could wear the Acrea and Anush pumps comfortably. Unfortunately, my problem feet just couldn’t hold up in either pair and trust me, I tried to make them work. Fast forward eight months when Tsubo contacted me to try one of their new styles for fall/winter 2009. When I saw the Asmik wedge, it seemed to be more comfortable on the feet than Tsubo’s other heels and I 39 ; I’m here to tell you what it IS.

The stable three-inch wedge heel may seem daunting at first, but really the shoe is quite walkable. There’s a substantial platform in the forefoot that counteracts the heel height, so don’t let that scare you off. The insole of this comfortable shoe is very well padded in the heel and forefoot area, while the toe box accommodates my wider forefoot and luckily crosses the foot just below the bunion area.

I love love LOVE the velcro strap. Those of you with sore hands know how troublesome buckles can be. Velcro ANYTHING is a friend for people with rheumatoid ARThritis.

The only problem I had with the Tsubo Asmik is now a thing of the past. The first two times I walked with them, I got a small blister on my left heel. However, this morning I went to put them on with the plan to add some moleskin to counteract the chafing, but found I didn’t even need it. The chafing was gone and my new Shoes were broken in! I plan to wear my Tsubo Asmik wedges with colorful tights as soon as the Chicago chill hits.

A word about sizing: I typically wear a 9.5-10. The 10 fits me perfectly with my wider forefoot and narrow heel.

Where to buy Tsubo Asmik wedge:

  • $140, free shipping.
  • Zappos: $140, free shipping and returns.
  • Tsubo: Tsubo Shoes: Women'sTsubo: Tsubo Shoes: Women's