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Everybody grassina boot 2Everybody grassina boot 2

August 2013 update: See the current styles for Everybody at Nordstrom.


Has anyone heard of Todos? Someone? Well, this bodylovesits new Everybody GrassinaEverybody shoes taylor swiftEverybody shoes taylor swiftAnkle boots. While I’ll never give up my beloved comfort Shoes, I’m thrilled to find a cute pair of booties completely devoid of clunk, weight, and memory foam.

Now, I never thought I’d ever have anything remotely in common with Taylor Swift, but apparently she’s a huge fan of the Italian shoe company, Everybody by B.Z. Fashion (pictured in Fargo’s Tall boot). I’m not sure if that’s a draw or a big turnoff for you. Maybe I’ll write a song about her boots once she’s worn them out.

How many times have you tried on a pair of shoes packed with every comfort technology only to find the Leather stiff and unforgiving? It might not be a comfortable brand for everyone, but the Leather is so buttery soft that it glides over and around problem areas like mild to moderate bunions and hammertoes.

Everybody grassina bootsEverybody grassina bootsShoes for everyone are not for sensitive soles that require a lot of cushioning. The insole, although flexible, is not pARTicularly padded. However, I actually prefer my Everybody Grassina booties to Clark’s. Perhaps this is due to the manageable two-inch stacked heel, rounded toe, smooth Leather, and great fit.

Size considerations:The shoe for everyone best fits narrow to medium widths. Most styles are small. I usually wear between a 9.5 and a 10, but I found the euro 40 to be too tight. The 41 fits like a glove. I recomMend ordering a size up.

Footwear for everyone is Available at:

  • DNA footwear: free shipping.
  • Amazon: great deals and free shipping.