Icebug boots for safety on slippery surfaces


The Icebug Ivalo-L with BUGrip is a fascinating little boot. Yes, it’s light, warm, roomy in the toe box, and offers good support, but more than all that: the BUGrip traction system is unparalleled. I traded in my Sorels for these Icebugs as my main dog walking boots. I can’t risk a fall with questionable RA joint and shoulder replaceMent. This harsh Chicago winter has plunged us into freezing temperatures on a weekly basis and the streets, sidewalks and paths have an icy sheen from repeated thaws and freezes. However, my Icebugs are ready to BITE!

The 16 carbide-tipped studs on the sole of the Icebug Ivalo boot dig into the iciest of terrain and keep me securely on my feet instead of on my butt. The uprights work independently of each other and are not fixed; I call them “tacos” in my video, but they’re cooler than that. In fact, I can move them. Watch a video showing these “dynamic sTallions” in action, along with lots of Swede.

Icebug bootsIcebug boots

Ice Bug Ivalo

The upper of the Ivalo-L boot is made of ripstop nylon and Suede with a soft fleece lining. It is WATERPROOF and has a comfort rating of -5 degrees Fahrenheit. I prefer to wear them in temperatures above 20 with a pair of thick socks. The forefoot is roomy enough to accommodate bunions and hammer toes, and extra thick socks. The ESS shank (which I believe is a lightweight yet durable material) provides torsional stability that prevents the sole from twisting in the Midfoot. The cushioned insole is removable to accommodate a personal insole or orthotic.

The only downside to my new Icebugs is the crunching sound they make when walking on dry sidewalks or tile. I’m pretty sure they’d mark a hardwood floor in a heARTbeat, but I always take mine out when I walk in. The Ivalo-L is a good choice for the casual walker who wants to get some exercise in the winter, or the commuter who navigates icy pavement on the way to work.

The Icebug Ivalo-L with BUGrip runs true to size and best fits a medium-width to wide foot. Available for $219.95 at This style is hard to find, but I highly recommend the new Icebug Metro 2 boot with the same 16 carbide tips seen below.

Icebug bootsIcebug boots

Icebug Metro 2 with 16 carbide tips for sure footing on slippery surfaces.