Sarah and her new Keenâs


I asked my dear friend Sarah to write a review of hers on her new Keen Calistoga Shoes (see 10/1 post). Sarah understands her foot pain as she deals with chronic ARThritis and fibromyalgia. She is a young and enterprising mother of two Children, ages 3 and 2. This is what she had to say about her new Shoes:

With sensitivity issues in my feet that developed in the year and a Half due to ARThritis, I spent a season of “sneakers only” last year. This was a fashion nightmare, as well as not a great solution for the feet, I think if I don’t rotate my shoes, even sneakers, the foot is easily irritated. When I began my search, willing to spend anything, I soon ran into the problem of finding a shoe.

Personally, I need one that fits a narrow heel, a wide toe box as a result of previous pregnancies, and a shoe that doesn’t put a lot of pressure on the top of the foot, both from the sides and from top to bottom. I didn’t know this last piece was a major problem until I bought a pair of adorable Aldo shoes, which gave me problems not only with my feet but with my lower legs as well.

I am a very active mom and with ARThritis I finally realized how important shoes are to my body’s health. I really wanted something that I could run to the grocery store in that was an alternative to running shoes. I’m just not a jeans and sneakers girl. After trying on about 50 pairs of shoes, I just wanted something that would fit my feet well and not hurt. I usually figured out pretty quickly if the shoe wouldn’t work as my lower leg/shin would feel uncomfortable. Then I stumbled upon the Keen. It offers plenty of room in the toe box and a buckle at the top of the foot that prevents heel slipping. I also find that it has a comfortable enough bottom to spend hours in the shops and be fine in the end. It’s great on the playground, durable for the Chicago Outdoors, and it goes well with my jeans. So KeenCallistogait’s my shoe. I sometimes wear these when my feet are sore because it seems to allow my foot to heal. It gives a lot of support and doesn’t put a lot of pressure on him. The only major pressure point is where the buckle touches the top of the foot, so if you have trouble here, it may not be the best shoe for you.