Söfft Elysia Mid-Calf Boots: Yes! I can wear a 3â³ heel and still be comfortable…and pretty!


Sofftelysia1Sofftelysia1Oh the wonder of Söfft boots and Shoes! How they did it? Consider this: I have rheumatoid ARThritis which has damaged the small bones in my toes and the ball of my foot causing me great pain over the years. The doctors have told me that my high heel days are over; and so far, I have believed them. I’m here today, my virtual friend, to tell you that I can walk comfortably on a three-inch heel thanks to this wonderfully padded boot, thSofftelysia2Sofftelysia2and Sofft Elysia. Padding in the metatarsal area (think ball of the foot), takes pressure off those little bones in my forefoot, allowing me to stand and walk without pain. I can’t wait to wear these OUT once I have a babysitter…

I found a lot about the Söfft Elysia atwidths widthsat for $152 with free shipping (save an additional 5% with coupon code AFMAX at checkout). Medium widths are Available at for $159.95 with free shipping and returns. is currently running a promotion: buy one pair of boots, get the second 25% off.