Sofft Prairie Boot: $49.99 at Shoemall + Promo Code


SofftprairieSofftprairieUntil Punxsutawny Phil tells me otherwise, I’m going to assume winter is here for a long time in Chicago. As much as I would love to "think of spring" Like all the magazines tell me to do, I know better.

Shoemall has a great selection of boots on sale right now with an additional 15% off all orders through January 15 if you enter promo code INTRO15 at checkout.

Honestly, I liked the look of this Southwestern-inspired boot when it was at full price. I think I could put up with the swishing and bobbing of the tassels for $49.99. Ok, it’s a bit of a Pocahontas, but I like the Prairie boot better than those Fringed loafers.

If you have Morton’s neuroma (ouch) or metatarsalgia (ouch), you’ll want to try Sofft. The insole is gloriously comfortable. $49.99 at Shoemall, free shipping and returns.