Wolky Brazil and Bronchitis


Wolky brazilWolky brazil

Barking Dog Shoes continues despite my bronchitis thanks to comfortable shoe-loving Flickr members like Meg and my friend/great collaborator, Beth.

Since I don’t have an ounce of energy OR stamina and have temporarily lost my shoe voice, I’ll let Meg take over. Those are her feet on top of her at the Wolky Brasil and according to her, she is ‘toTally Sold‘. in them. Can you believe she wrote this review on Flickr before she asked permission to post on A girl after my own heART (and sole).

I’ve been in the market for nice and comfortable, but not thick. I don’t know exactly why, but I don’t like chunky shoes, and yet I think they look cute on others. Still, I knew that if I really wanted a supportive, slightly narrow pair of shoes, they were going to have some volume. I tried on a few pairs after finding out I’m still narrow with a ridiculously thin heel. I think spending years wearing medium width shoes, high heels, pointy toes, flats with no support and all of that has had a serious effect on my feet.

I took the plunge and got the cutest pair that fit my bill and now I’m adjusting. I love the red patent Leather and the little detail on the toe. They will go great with jeans, black and gray pants, so why not give them a try? I’ve been wearing them for a couple hours straight so they won’t blister on Saturday when I’ll be on my feet for 9 hours. I bring my tennies just in case!

Wolky brazil 2Wolky brazil 2

ETA: I wore them for 9 hours while on my feet and came home with no blisters or throbs! The last time I worked a wedding for five hours my feet hurt for days. I am toTally Sold and over the issue. These shoes are great!

The Wolky Brasil is Available for $159.95 at Looking for a Spring Wolky? Try the Jewel sandal for incredible support and fit.